We had some visitors to the bay, Dolphins!

We had some visitors to the bay, Dolphins!

The ocean is vast, so wonderous and wide, 

it holds many magical creatures inside. 

The most magical is the DOLPHIN it seems, 

their joyous spirit glows and gleams.

Swimming for joy, both far and near, 

they'll sing their song for all to hear.


During the week before Christmas when we were all winding down at Reach head office, we were given a wonderful surprise, A large pod of common dolphin visited our little bay!

We saw them as we arrived at work playing and splashing around, we watched from the beach along with a small crowd of local dog walkers, also enjoying the show. It wasn’t long till the suggestion of taking our little rib out to get a closer look came to mind.

No sooner than it was suggested we all jumped into action, clothes were changed, the rib was fuelled up, wheeled to the beach, (proving just how fast we can get the safety boat out when it matters) and we were on the water heading towards the unmistakable sight of fins and splashes.

We didn’t want to get too close, hoping not to disturb the stunning creatures visiting our bay, so we stayed a fair distance away but soon it was the dolphins coming to see us. Small groups of three and four dolphins at a time circled the rib playing in the wake of the boat, giving us a show of their grace and speed.

The layered grey tones of the 2m animal glistened in the clear surfaces of the Torbay sea, each dolphin giving its own show of how fast and agile they are. Darting under the waves and our rib, appearing to be enjoying the attention and the wake caused by our small engine. They all seemed to be having as much fun as we all were.

In total we were out “playing” with the incredible creatures for around 40 minutes but we could have done it all day, as we all felt so lucky to have seen something so beautiful and so close to home.

After getting back to shore and back in the office to continue our planned work for the day the dolphins were not far from our minds or our conversations, and looking at every one’s photos and videos of the morning.

Here is a small selection of the footage that we managed to get.




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