Reach Outdoors Adaptive & Alternative Education Provision

We offer 1:1 sessions for young people requiring an adaptive or alternative education provision.  

We provide a student-led approach that empowers the learner to take control of their experience through a range of outdoor activities.

Activities available include water-confidence sessions, kayaking, paddleboarding, nature trails, bushcraft, archery and more (see full list in the dropdowns below). 

Our provision is tailored to the individual ensuring it complements the 5 basic human needs as defined by Dr William Glasser’s Choice Theory.  

Develop resilience and confidence through a range activities

We do this by: 

  • Providing a supportive environment which is accepting of everyone. 

  • Empowering the learner to explore their interests in the outdoors and take control of their learning experience. 

  • Setting a pace specific to the learner which helps to create a positive learning experience.  

  • Understanding that a fun environment is one which will encourage attendance and engagement, all of which are essential for learning and development to take place. 

  • Creating a positive education experience, which helps to improve attention, reduce anxiety and support the emotional and behavioural regulation of the student. This, along with the development of key soft skills provides the foundation for the student to be able to go on with confidence of future success. 

All sessions are run by a qualified instructor, holding the relevant National Governing Body qualifications, enhanced DBS certificate, first aid and safeguarding qualifications. Reach Outdoors is licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) and are quality assured by Torbay Council.  

What activities are on offer?
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What benefits does this programme provide to the young person? 

Our provision provides opportunities for the young person to: 

  • Experience several outdoor environments, including coastal, woodland and moorland. 

  • Increase self-esteem and self-worth 

  • Develop and build resilience 

  • Improve mental and physical health 

  • Provide an outlet for the young person to regulate their emotions 

  • Create positive adult relationships outside of a formal education setting 

  • Become an effective decision-maker in control of their own learning 

  • Learn to have fun and enjoy the world around them 

  • Create a sense of adventure 

  • Broaden their horizons and increase their awareness of opportunities outside of the school curriculum 

Providing access to new environments to explore and learn

Referral Process: 

Referrals can be made by a school, local authority or by individuals directly. We can provide a referral form. Our provision is suitable for young people aged 7 years old and upwards, with an interest in or curiosity about the outdoors. A support worker is welcome to attend the session with the young person if required.  

Once a referral is received, we arrange a short orientation meeting with the young person and a support worker (e.g. 1:1 support, teacher, parent/guardian) to provide an introduction to Reach Outdoors and to talk through what we offer and find out their interests. 

We work with the young person to create goals and a programme that is centred around their interests. Where appropriate, they may work towards an award or qualification during their activities. This could be the John Muir Award, British Canoeing paddling awards or National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes. Sessions can range from structured and skilled based sessions, through an activity such as kayaking, to exploratory sessions, such as beach scavenging or nature trails.  

To refer a young person, or for more information, please email  

Quality Assured Alternative Provision

“We almost always have choices, and the better the choice, the more we will be in control of our lives.” ― William Glasser