Your Coastal Sea Kayak Award is designed to progress your ability in appropriate decision making and paddling skills for an enjoyable, safe day out at sea. It should allow you to be confident in planning and undertaking journeys on the sea in a sea kayak or specific sit on tops.

You will learn skills to paddle on waters that have winds up to force 4 and tides up to 2 knots. To have an enjoyable day out at sea you will need to make some key decisions to ensure you are at the right place at the right time. You and your Coach will consider how swell, the weather, the tide and the features of the location we choose will impact our paddle.

The skills to control your boat will be developed. You will be able to control your boat using effective positions and keeping your actions within your abilities. This includes extending your rescue skills to cover the different water conditions to help keep both you and any others with you safe.

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