Going Underground

Going Underground

The fear of small places, fear of the dark, fear of no escape, Caving has it all. But if you are willing to fight through the initial fears of heading underground that are so common, then caving offers you so much fun, exciting and a real sense of adventure and a lure of the unknown, unlike any other activity.

People tend to have certain preconceptions about caves and caving, which do not reflect the reality and the rewards of the activity. The most common remarks we get are about claustrophobia. As a not very flexible 6 foot 8” guide I’m a good example of the space that there is within the caves we travel to. when I’m asked by people about claustrophobia I simply ask “can you go in a lift or a subway” because if they can then you can go caving.

Claustrophobia is a real and serious fear of confined spaces or being trapped and one that we always take seriously, but with the help of a qualified cave guide you’ll enter a labyrinthine of rocky corridors that open into stunning chambers. Taking the route that is suitable for all comers (and sizes) and fears.

With only the glow of a head torch to light your way, along with your heightened sense of touch you make your way to huge room like chambers and see the rock formations that have been hidden from sunlight for millions of years. In the chambers, you can get up close to stalactites, stalagmites and calcite formations making unique shapes and natural sculptures that only a few are lucky enough to see.

Caving may not be everyones idea of fun but it is definitely everyone idea of adventure and an experience that all ages can have a go at, in all weathers.



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