Getting the most from your Paddle Board!

Getting the most from your Paddle Board!

Whether for sport, fitness, or a leisurely pursuit, Paddle Boarding has captured the imagination of many. It’s been on trend for a good few years now and with that the market has become saturated with a whole host of different boards to choose from. The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly rings true and while there are some brands that you’d be best advised to steer clear of there are also many reputable ones that can offer quality products for very reasonable prices. This has made the world of Paddle Boarding far more accessible to us all and is why more of us each year are opting to have our very own board to enjoy.

So, you may already be the proud owner or are contemplating treating yourself to a new toy in time for summer. If you live close to the sea or another accessible body of water of adequate size then the purchase of a paddle board is certainly a sound investment and if looked after correctly will serve you well for many summers to come. Once you’ve identified a suitable board you’ll have the vehicle to develop your passion in whichever direction you desire.   

You might well be content taking your board to the beach and having a gentle paddle back and forth along the shoreline, staying within the relative safety of the beach. This will undoubtedly be the preference of many and so long as it satisfies the individual paddler then all is well. If, however, your aspirations for real adventure go further than this then you’d be well advised to seek some background knowledge or training to ensure you’re able to take your paddle boarding to the next level; safely and enjoyably.  

Considerations such as weather, tides, wind speed and direction, suitable launch and landing sites, choice of kit and appropriate safety kit all determine if a paddle can be carried out to a satisfactory outcome with safety and enjoyment as key indicators. As we begin to understand the above better through a combination of theory and practical experience, we as paddlers can make more informed choices and as a result the outcome improves.

Having the opportunity to improve your paddling skills and knowledge with a qualified instructor is arguably the most important piece of the jigsaw to ensure that you see the absolute best return from your investment. A sound knowledge base will provide the confidence to plan and execute a paddle safely with maximum enjoyment. Background reading and research will certainly help but are no substitute for a professionally coached session which offers direct feedback to ensure that information is absorbed and understood correctly. Remember, ‘Practice makes Permanent’.

If you are looking to take your paddle boarding to the next level, Reach Outdoors have a limited time offer of 1-2-1 coaching at the reduced price of £50 per hour and a half. This offer is only available while current restrictions are in place and provide a fantastic opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge base to maximise your enjoyment of paddling, safely.

For further information please email or call the office on 01803 524 950. All sessions are delivered by a suitably qualified coach with all current government restrictions and governing body guidelines for social distancing whilst coaching adhered to. Sessions times can be flexible to include weekends, mornings and evenings.

Keep Paddling, Stay Safe!



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